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CNC Sewing Unit / CNC Rotating Head Sewing Unit
SIZE:KL 320/KL 321

CNC Sewing Unit with stationary or rotating head sewing machine for Servo controlled continuous or intermittent free programmable sewing of high quality security-, functional-
and decorative seams. Rotating head version especially for highest seam quality with demanding tangential multi-directional sewing operations.
Machine configuration: sewing machine X- and Y-axis driven, template stationary

■ Automotive
■ Filter
■ Home Textiles
■ Aerospace
■ Individual / Decorative

Technical description
■ sewing area from 300 x 300 mm to 3000 x 1000 mm
■ stitch type: double lock stitch (301) with vertical hook
■ stitch length max. 12 mm
■ sewing speed: max. 3.000 stitches/min.
■ XL-hook for lower thread bobbin 26 mm

■ upper sewing head, pneumatically liftable (75 mm) for direct access positioning to any seam position
■ electromagnetic thread trimmer for upper and lower thread
■ adjustable thread tension
■ upper thread breakage monitor
■ lower thread monitoring by stitch count (alternatively by photoelectric thread monitor)
■ lower thread bobbin winder
■ clamping device for the fixation of the sewing template in the sewing area
■ automatic template detection
■ touch screen operator panel

■ two needle version
■ XXL hook for lower thread bobbin 32 mm
■ template changer system for overlapping workflow
■ feeding tables (one at left, one at right side) for template loading at overlapping work process
■ automatic template transport
■ second thread tension, pneumatically activated
■ thread tension individually programmable
■ upper thread clamping device
■ upper thread tension monitoring
■ pressure foot height adjustment, electro motoric
■ thread trimming device (alternatively with thread scissor or heater wire device)
■ template identification with RFID sensor
■ integration of additional features to the template
■ automatic template loading
■ automatic part removal from the template
■ combination and integration into existing production processes
■ integration of safety relevant quality monitoring systems
■ material layer verification
■ material loading sensor
■ color sensor for parts detection
■ barcode scanner for part identification
■ barcode printer

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