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Ultrasonic sealing machine with rolling sonotrode for simple applications

■ Amplitude and speed are controlled electronically
■ Most of thermoplastic sheets, laminates, textiles and non-wovens are weldable
■ Equipped with differential feed; separate drive for sonotrode and anvil wheel; that means smooth, non-distorted seams or the possibility of adding a some fullness
■ Process reliability through monitoring of welding parameters with integrated device for the control of the amplitude (so that reliable processing is possible even when sewing over cross seams)
■ High production speed
■ High wear comfort with lingerie items due to smooth Seam
■ Smooth and even seams with standard or custom made anvil wheels
■ No start/stop – marks
■ 8301 CS: Cut & Seal
■ 8301 CS dual: Cut the edges, seal the them and seam a second weld seam (NEW)

Typical field of application
■ Economical version: car covers, surgical clothing

■ Max. speed: 0.5 to 10 m/min.
Seam width: 1.0 to 10.0 mm
■ Ultrasonic frequency: 35 KHZ

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