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Excellent solutions – efficient serging of trousers parts with and without knee lining – also in stretch material

■ Differential top- and bottom feed for different fullness values in the processing of knee lining
■ Differential top- and bottom feed enables the processing of stretch material
■ Constant sewing results
■ Regular seam widths by means of accurate edge guiding
■ High sewing speed
■ High productivity through overlapping working
■ Short instruction times due to easy handling
■ High application flexibility
■ Freely programmable seam sequences

Typical field of application
■ Serging of long seams, e.g. side seams and inseams of front and hind trousers, also in stretch material, with or without knee lining

Performance features
■ Serging complete trousers with knee lining (8 seams) = approx. 450 trousers / 480’
■ Serging complete trousers without knee lining (8 seams) = approx. 550 trousers / 480’

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