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Finishing outside pockets of men’s jackets

■ DAC classic control
■ “TRI-FLEX” device for sewing, decorative stitching or basting with only one machine
■ All seams and seam parameters for finishing outside pockets are programmable
■ The seams are combined in a retrievable sequence
■ 6 mm stitch length and stitch loosening for basting the pocket opening
■ Stitch loosening can be switched off for decorative stitching
■ Large-area hook for a bobbin thread capacity increased by 70%
■ Backtacking at seam beginning and seam end with condensed stitches for precisely sewn pocket corners
■ Neat seam beginning by means of thread nipper

Typical field of application
■ Finishing pockets in men’s jackets, blazers and coats
■ Sewing and basting seams with vent in one operation (skirt production)
■ Decorative stitching in outer garments

Performance features
■ Finishing approx. 750 piped pockets/480min.


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